My Story

My Story


Carefree Confident Curves was born out of a gap in fashion and style representation for the "medium" gal. The woman who isn't a Skinny Minnie and not a voluptuous plus size fashionista. I was searching for "me" and my body type and I couldn't seem to find her. 

In both my personal relationships and in my career working with thousands of women, I noticed so many women were painfully unhappy with their appearance. They felt that by losing weight, 10-30 pounds, they would feel more confident and happier. ANYONE looking at them would think they looked GREAT but they didn't feel that way. They were eating an unprocessed lifestyle and nourishing their bodies with healthy foods, getting exercise, had energy and mental clarity but still were unhappy with their appearance.  

What IF we were happy in our own skin? What IF we stopped obsessing over every self-imposed flaw of what we looked like in a bathing suit and instead focused on find one that made us feel like a million bucks? What IF instead we shifted our focus to all of the fun we are having at the pool? What IF we were carefree + confident in our curves?

Sometimes it takes a better bathing suit, the right fitting bra, smoother undergarments, a pair of sculpting sexy jeans, a rocking pair of shoes you can actually wear all day, a shirt that doesn't gap and show the girls, a great haircut and a bold lipstick color to boost your confidence. 

I know this all too well because that perfectly described me. Developing early, I didn't understand why I had to wear a bra while my friends didn't. As an 8 year old, I looked around in ballet class and decided I was "fat", because I was developing curves no one else had. This inner voice stayed with me that I was "fat" and no one looked like me, until I had my two daughters. 

I realized I was repeating a pattern obsessed with appearance and not feeling content and carefree in my own skin that was passed down to me from my grandmother to my mother and the pattern needed to stop with me. I needed to create a new pattern to pass down. I started embracing my healthy body exactly as it is and found items that helped my look and feel more confident.

My name is Liana, my PASSION is finding and sharing all of this and more with you here.  Welcome to your CAREFREE, CONFIDENT & Curvy life!

xo, Liana 

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